Celebrating Women’s Day – Reaching out to the masses!

Celebrating Woman’s Day is an important date on our agenda, The Mumbai Chapter of Nutrition Society Of India (NSI).

The girl child as its focus area for all Health initiatives, we initiated with doing work for the lesser Privileged Girls from the Slums of Mumbai. Health Campaign at The Deeniyat School in Kurla West on 4th March 2018 was conducted under the NSI banner where 102 girls were assessed for their Nutritional status.



92 of the Girls agreed to get screened for Anaemia And Tuberculosis, Two health problems common in The Mumbai Slums. Off the 92 cases, 54 girls were found to be Anaemic and none tested positive for TB.


A Talk on The Importance of Good Nutrition for the Teens was delivered by me, Dr. Zubeda Tumbi and Hygiene was emphasised upon by Dr Subhadra Mandalika, my good friend who currently heads Mumbai Chapter NSI. An animated film on Menstrual Hygiene was screened to cap off the event.

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Plans have been drawn up to distribute and administer the Albendazole Tab for deworming of all participants by the Deeniyat School Management under supervision of Dr Sajid Kantharia , Trustee of the School. We after collaboration with a sponsor will administer the Anaemic Girls with proper Iron Folic Acid Supplements for required timeline.

I’d like to place on record my gratitude for the enthusiasm of young Nutritionists – Mehzamah Tumbi, Hetal Parekh, Ayesha Tinwala, Afreen Khan, Shifa Shaikh & Divya Subrmaniam who completed Anthropometry, Food Frequency Data and more for all the respondents of the Health Camp.

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We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Charak Pharma in helping with The Projector and Screen along with distribution of supplements. A special mention to Zydus Pharma for sponsoring the cost involved in carrying out the tests.


This programme would not have been possible without the wholehearted support and approval of Deeniyat School Trustees – Madam Salma, Sohema Kantharia  and their family members. A special mention to Dr Sajid Kantharia, Ms Soumaiya and the teaching staff who helped conduct the Campaign smoothly!

The Nutrition Society of India has proposed to continue this ongoing activity and reach out to girls in our City providing them with Health which is TRUE WEALTH.


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